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World Map MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

World Map MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

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Inspired by sustainable luxury and design, our MA-1 World Map Bomber Jacket is a powerful and inspiring piece of apparel.

The modern Trailblazer version is based on the classic MA-1 flight jacket. Its classic silhouette is brought to life with exceptional embroidery in five vibrant colours, applied with intarsia-like precision. 

This distinctive piece represents your willingness to seize opportunities and pursue dreams with unwavering determination while also dressing you in style.


  • Features “Peoples of All Nations” embroidery.
  • Interchangeable patches on the left sleeve, easy to switch with velcro.
  • Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fleece, sourced from Turkey.
  • Cotton fleece weighs 290-300 gsm.
  • Front-sanded for softness, suitable for all seasons.
  • Oversized, structured silhouette, heavy-weight cotton and dropped shoulder design.
  • Each hoodie has a hand-stitched label using a traditional Japanese quilting technique.


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PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS presents the MA-1 World Map Bomber Jacket, a wearable embodiment of ambition, global unity, and contemporary style.


The heart of this jacket lies in its commitment to sustainability, all components of this bomber. It features a three-layered construction with a sleek satin shell.

The two spacious flap pockets on the front offer functionality and the snug knitted waist and cuffs guarantee a perfect fit.

Inside, our signature ink splatter and viscose twill lining are revealed. The organic cotton embroidery thread, recycled rib yarn, and main satin fabric are all made from eco-friendly materials.

We have demonstrated our dedication to ethical fashion by using 100% recycled polyester for the plush padding and zip.


This bomber is the new era, but it still honours the legacy of the MA-1 flight jacket. The ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem, in addition to the safe zip pocket on the left arm, provide traditional comfort with a modern twist.

Each jacket carries the mark of authenticity—a label meticulously hand-stitched using a traditional Japanese quilting technique.


In a nod to military uniforms, the jacket allows for personalisation with interchangeable patches on the left sleeve.

Attach your chosen patches with ease, thanks to the handy velcro, and make your statement piece truly yours.

Whether it's a reflection of your style or a symbol of your aspirations, these patches add a unique dimension to your jacket.


The jacket's most striking feature is the intricate flag world map embroidery, a celebration of global diversity crafted by Tuscan artisans. 

It boasts embroidery in five different colours that have been carefully applied in an intarsia-like technique, in addition to the flag world map embroidery.

This artwork, requiring hours of skilled precision displays detail and craftsmanship.

Our advanced multi-head embroidery machine guarantees uniformity and precision in each design. Capable of handling up to 10 pieces simultaneously, this technology ensures that each item receives the same high level of detail and quality, maintaining consistency across every batch.

Our jacket features over 1 million stitches using ultra-fine yarn, resulting in a highly detailed and tactile world map. The detailed embroidery on the jackets brings a stunning visual dimension, with each stitch adding to a rich, tactile experience. 

This aesthetic showcases the remarkable skill and precision behind each piece, fusing artistry and craftsmanship.